The funding options for companies

Promotion of art and culture by businesses

For global finance and industrial companies and investment firms like Sapinda, art is often more than just a good capital investment. Whether BMW, Siemens, British Petrol, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank or entrepreneurs like Lars Windhorst (CEO Sapinda UK), they are all aware that art is an important marketing instrument. Private and business funding, like that of the company Sapinda, demonstrates the high willingness of businesses to promote art and assume social responsibility. Manager Lars Windhorst (CEO Sapinda UK), for example, sees the promotion of art as an active contribution to its preservation and the active shaping of a lively and future-oriented cultural scene. This is a highly topical subject. In addition to renowned exhibition houses, companies also use the opportunity to create a forum for dialogue for artists and culture, to generate positive coverage for the artists in the news and to enter into a communicative exchange with artists while promoting their work.

The funding options for companies

are varied and each company has its own specific strategy. Siemens, for example, takes the more classic and conservative route in its sponsorship of the Salzburg Festival of music and drama. The businessmen value the media impact of the prestigious culture event. The managers of the globally operating company emphasise that they wish to bring music to a wide public, which is why every year, in cooperation with the television channel ORF, they set up a giant screen on Salzburg’s Kapitelplatz square so 2000 people can watch the performances live. The event culminates in a party. Just like in Germany, the promotion of art and culture is also an important topic in Great Britain and it is continuously discussed in the business news. In 2010, 73 million GBP were invested in London art organisations. Several large institutions profit from long-term commitments. The Tate Modern is showing the Unilever Series, while the National Theatre works with the big players from the finance sector and has patrons including the Bank of America.

The business sector takes a very positive stance to art. Support from established entrepreneurs, who promote young artists and thereby make a contribution to the active development of a multifaceted art scene, is very popular. Entrepreneur Lars Windhorst (CEO Sapinda UK) is a member of the “Council of Trustees” of the Serpentine Gallery in London and does all he can to support aspiring artists. With his company Sapinda he is funding a photo spread in the current issue of lifestyle magazine Sleek. The editorial is a portrait of international and forward-looking artists and their work.

Global businesses and managers like Lars Windhorst are setting an example with their commitment: they are emphasising the importance of contemporary art and contributing to the cultural diversity of a globalised society.

Article: Promotion of art and culture by businesses – Lars Windhorst